Bespoke Jewellery Designs in Hereford

Are you are searching for the perfect engagement or wedding gift of jewellery? We specialise in bespoke commissions with a catalogue of John Mckellar designs for that can provide inspiration for your own unique piece of jewellery. Today, with the traditional eye and skills of the goldsmith combined with investment in modern technology to produce computer aided designs, we can produce a customised design of your choice as you sit with us. Call in and talk to our resident goldsmith and designer, who can help you turn your ideas into beautiful rings, earrings, pendants or individual pieces.

bespoke jewellery design

Jewellery Remodelling

For those customers who own pieces of jewellery that feel no longer fashionable or wearable, we can offer suggestions on how they might be reshaped or recycled into something new. Melting down old gold rings to create a new ring with meaning and history can turn your wedding rings into something individual and special!

jewellery remodelling